So I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a Xena Themed Photoshoot on the weekend with Mega Photographers. This was the first time I have done a group shoot like this and I’ll tell you what it was definitely an experience!

Met some great people and the model was amazing. We gathered at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens and walked until we found this great spot that had shaded walkways, large plants and beautiful streaming sunlight.

I did find it a little distracting at first with so many people lining up and shuffling to get the best shot at the right angle but quickly learnt to just get in there, get the shot and move to the next prime position. Each photographer had the chance to direct the model and ask for specific stance or look. We had a warm LED light and gold reflector for the added lighting, though found a prime spot about 10am that gave the model great lighting from behind.

Honestly I can’t wait to do my next themed shoot and am frantically trying to free up my calendar to start booking in shoots haha.

Click here to check out Mega Photographers short video from the shoot –

And here’s a little sneak peak of my photos from the shoot….. Stay tuned for more 🙂



Photographed by Naomi Rowlands

Photographed by Naomi Rowlands

Photographed by Naomi Rowlands