I learnt a lesson recently in missed opportunities.

A few weeks ago I organised to join a group of photographers heading out to the local beach pier for a sunrise photoshoot. As the day got closer there were forecasts of storms and the event was likely to be called off. At 3am on the morning of the shoot the gentleman organising the group advised he was going to head out anyway hoping that the rain would slow / stop by 6am. At my place it was still drizzling and so I decided to stay in my warm toasty bed rather than head out in the cold & wet morning with no 100% probability of getting any good shots.

Well!… The event organiser later said that the rain had stopped before 6am and the few photographers that had braced the weather and head out had got some AMAZING photos!

So next time you think “hmm… probably not worth it” Just do it! You’ll be kicking yourself for what you missed…. trust me 🙂


Here are a few beautiful photos from the photographers that morning.

Sunrise pic 4