Recently I had a call from a makeup artist friend Kiarra who had gotten hold of her mothers wedding dress from the 70’s wanting to collaborate on a shoot. How could I say no!! This was a fantastic way to start branching out and testing the wedding waters. The dress was gorgeous; vintage pleats, sleeves and lace, the location was going to luscious gardens and the date was set… Now we just needed a bride.

I asked Beth whom I’ve worked with before if she was interested (I just imagined this flaming red beauty in a serene wedding dress; it was perfect!) but then what about a groom? Bringing in John we had a couple made in heaven and I’ll tell you what it definitely looked like ‘love at first sight’. These two were amazing on set, the chemistry (*gasp*) you could have thought they had been married for real. It was lovely how many people wished our ‘newlyweds’ congratulations.


We headed out to the Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane for our gardens locations


We got the beautiful couple a house…

Got the bride soaked…


Proceeded to head into the City center for a few urban bridal shots.


Then to finish off the day with a nice cold beer at the one of city bars.


(** No these aren’t our beers… we were too busy enjoying the refreshing beverage after a long day to take a picture. But I’m sure you get the idea)


It was a fantastic day and I can’t wait to head out and do it again.

To see the finished images, check out my Wedding Gallery