So this is my first blog post…..  Let’s see how I go.

First I’m still developing this website so bear with me, the will be errors and things that need updating but hey that’s the whole point of learning right…make a mistake and then learn how not to do it again.

And I guess that’s the same with photography. Try something. Does it work? No. Right start again, try it in a different light, different lens, different exposure, different subject, different angle. And if you fail try try again.

I started my photography journey at high school with a Pantex on black and white film (need to get me one of those and relive my youth haha).  I loved it! I was taking pictures of everything and then wagging classes at school to go develop then in our darkroom. In fact I feel sorry for our kids these days if they don’t get to experience that… Oh man I would go blast my music, get in my zone and embrace the dark. I said ‘I’m gonna be a famous photographer one day’…… Well one day is still to come …

Ok so after high school I was hired by New Image Photographics, where I learnt their camera settings were not to be touched, standardised hair /make up and their stylised poses (which I like to call Day Of Our Lives and Bold & the Beautiful) , then set on my way to Sydney where I ran the studio on the southside.  Yes, just me…. Welcome, Hair then Make up then Photos then Sales.  On a busy day I would have had a full day of families, singles, couples, pets one after the other.

I learnt alot in my 2yrs there.  Like how much I love portraits (the posing, expressions, themes, costumes)  and how much I hate being stuck to the same pose, the same hair, the same everything. When the company told me they were putting a white wall in my studio, I swear you could hear me shouting from the rooftops, it was something different to play with.  (FYI- I’m pretty sure I know how to make one of these from stalking the builder and asking questions the whole time…. And I’m pretty sure he was glad to finish that job and get out of there haha).

After that I moved home to North Qld and got into Uni studying photography.  Did a bit of a stint there but dropped out…. Could have been the worst decision ever but hey…. It’s been made.

Went on a bit of a hiatus after that and only recently picked back up a camera. A good friend was at my birthday party with a Canon M1 mirrorless, now I had been so out of touch I was like WTF! The colours were amazing and so crisp. I had to have one.

So after a bit of research  I purchased a new Samsung NX500 (was very close to Sony A6000, but I really like the 360 screen… Hey selfies baby 😉).  I am loving the compact body and the ease of menu. Now I will say I’m no camera buff….  But am trying to get myself more on board so stay tuned lol.

My partner Ben, recently put it forward for me to start this website and I really appreciate his persistence as I am very excited to see where this will go.

Well that’s longer than I thought it would be so, I’m going to get back to my red wine and Friday night relaxing 😊

Night xx