So I joined a great bunch of photo enthusiasts on Sunday evening and went on a Hunt & Shoot … it was like a treasure hunt with your camera!!

We met our organiser at the Southbank Ferris Wheel and were given our ‘treasure maps’ with clues on what to take photos of. 1st clue  – Lets Make A Spin… Southbank… Ferris Wheel… bikes… segways… the mission was clear. And away we went.

I of course made a great example of why you should always carry a tripod. I am in between at the moment and I honestly must say was so excited about the prospect of a treasure hunt that the thought of needing a tripod didn’t even cross my mind. But that’s ok, I persevered and figured out ways to make it work. Now I do not recommend that learning to hold your breathe as press the shutter as an alternative to having tripod (may have something to do with the light-headedness of the ordeal) but I did learn that I could brace the camera in my hands whilst sitting on the ground and bracing my elbows in my knees.

Pretty happy with the shots I did get and am now itching to get back out there to the same locations with my tripod and my game face on 🙂

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