First off.. How have I never known about this amazing place? I’ve only been in Brisbane for over 8 years…. If there is one place to visit if not only for photographics value but also for our hertiage GO! It was an absolute delight to join in with a Personal Project Photography Group at Fort Lytton. They have had quite a few shoots there and I must say the photos from the sunset shoot where magical.

We had a few models on the morning that ran between different areas, photographers and costume changes. It was only a slight bit of madness. We had photographers setting up full studio setups, and other like myself using the elements and their flashes to get amazing photos. The area was amazing with the contrasted walls, dark openings, bunker areas, canons and more.

Check out the photos from the lovely models in my Portraits Page 🙂


Naomi XX

Fort Lytton (1) Fort Lytton (2)