The 2nd image in my series is the Time Struggle. This concept was an almost instantaneous decision on what the final image was going to look like. The categories I pulled out were –

Location – Forest / Leaves, Models – 2x Teenagers, Props – Rope & Hourglass, Story/ Theme – Loss, Clothes – White, Mood – Contrast

I probably did about 2 sketches of teenagers in the forest and my story of loss was friendship. But I just wasn’t feeling it. It didn’t mesh with me, as I’ve mentioned before these final images represent experiences and feeling about myself or things I’ve experienced, so I sat back and looked at my options. I loved the Props, Story, Clothes and Mood but just not the others. When I think about loss and that feeling you have, it’s like your dried up / dead inside, you don’t want to be around anyone; in an instant the location changed to a barren wasteland with dark stormy clouds. That was the environment I wanted.

Secondly, the models needed to be changed. The mum and daughter idea came from the hourglass. It represents time and that is something we all wish we had more of; more time to spend with each other. The loss of time is something we can’t get back. Time Struggle is our inner struggle with not wanting our kids to grow up and children with not wanting their parents to grow old. I had the help of these lovely two ladies, Rhianna & Scarlett Olguin, who gave me exactly what I was looking for in that emotion of struggle. A huge thank you ladies!! xx

My amazing sketching abilities of 2 stick figures battling with a huge hourglass was done in I swear about 10secs haha. Next was onto where to find an hourglass, I searched Adobe Stock but didn’t seem to find what I was looking for. During a local outing to Ikea I found one! Exactly what I needed. I quickly whipped out my phone and snapped it from all angles. Might have been my most exciting trip to Ikea ever because now I didn’t need to buy an hourglass ( when would I ever need to use one??).

In Photoshop I needed to work out removing the shelf background from the hourglass and trying to match in the shading colours. Hopefully I got it right haha… I am sure someone will tell me if I didn’t 😉

Enjoy XX