This image was the first in my series that I sketched out and also that was completed. The categories I picked out were:

Location – Field, Models – Teenager, Props – Books, Story/Theme – Lost, Clothes – Olden/ Ripped, Mood – Dark

As I was sketching out different ideas for the image I started thinking about a teenager lost and it became not so much an actual ‘lost’ moment but a feeling of lost. There are so many times that you have that moment of “what am I doing? what should I be doing? Can I do this? What’s next?” as a teenager and especially that change in adolescence moving into a teenager, being in high school, taking on more responsibilities, juggling still wanting to be a kid but be an adult and study, so then with that it moved into a sense of falling as well and Through The Rabbit Hole was born.

I wrangled in my niece Kristyn to be my model as she was family, the quickest access I had to a teenager at the time and had little choice haha. It took on more of an Alice in Wonderland feeling for me so I changed up the location, the clothes categories and gave her my favourite red wig as I wanted her hair to stand out from the background. The books worked in with the concept and I added a few extra items I had lying around in my race to get to the studio (turns out you can still be lost as an adult when you haven’t prepped your gear the night before a 8am shoot…*face palm*). 

There were a few back and forwards working in Photoshop as my challenge was to learn more about compositing – getting the colouring right, putting limbs on, shadows etc were a bit painful, but I have become well trained on the ‘walk away’ method. Coming back to an image later and re-assessing its style, realising you stuffed something and having to fix, is on my to-do list for every image now.

I hope you enjoy the first image in my series! More to come 🙂