Here is another image that wasn’t chosen from my ‘Lucky Dip’, but when I was chatting Michaela about my creative concepts and she mentioned that she’d always wanted to do a mermaid / fantasy style. I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea as I didn’t want to do the generic ‘Oh I’m a pretty mermaid’ image. But then the more I thought about it The Siren actually fitted perfectly into my concept series, I wanted it more dark and I knew I’d found my lady!

The Siren is the temptress that lures you away from what you already have. Never satisfied and always going after something you shouldn’t.

I didn’t want just a mermaid in the image and Michaela was able to wrangle Dylan into joining us for the shoot. I wanted that look like he’d just seen her from above and jumped in without thinking about the consequences… haha I think we got there. Definitely some things I would do differently photo wise but I really do love the finished image.

My favourite part of shooting is always creating and (whilst it can’t be seen in great detail in the image) I wanted to design / create a unique top for my Siren. I had a Little Mermaid moment and got so excited I ran out to the shops, bought a bra and a pack of plastic Dinglehoppers (aka. Forks haha). Grabbed my left over shells from my Disney Couture shoot I did about 2 years ago and my glue gun and a scotch to keep me going for an afternoon of Art & Crafts 🙂

I am so happy with this image and a huge thank you to Michaela and Dylan for helping make this image come to life!

I hope you enjoy The Siren xx