This particular image actually didn’t evolve from my ‘ Lucky Dip’. Whilst doing the other sketches there was a concept I was already thinking about that I wanted to have a snow scene, a female with an old lantern and red hair….

But as usual with my first initial thoughts it stemmed away from that and as I was looking for a snow image I came across this dark forest mirror image and I thought ‘ooooohhhhhh….’ . My concept was already about finding the path so it turned a bit more into what I really think a lot of the time….

The Right Path is that niggling in the back of your head when you think ‘Have I made the right decision?’ ‘What if I’d done that differently or this differently?’ What if I’d never gone there, moved there, dated that person, accepted that job, rejected that job etc etc etc it could go on and on. So this image is the This Way no This Way thought process and one side of you thinking this is my path! And the other saying but what about this way!

The was no real reasoning behind the style choices, I had a top hat I wanted to use… so I did. I put the call out to a few models from my shortlist who either rejected or didn’t reply, so I made this a self portrait. I sorted out my lighting in the studio, wrapped a piece of material around my waist and grabbed my remote. I’ll tell you what next time I will tether so I don’t have to move so much haha. By the time I’d positioned, ran to check camera, ran back to my spot, positioned, ran back to camera, ran back to spot (because my remote doesn’t stay on for long) was a little cray cray.

I love the misty mood this image gives and I hope you enjoy it to XX