The Escape is the next concept in my first series and was born from the following categories:

Location: Field, Model: 2x Females, Props: Mirror / Ladder, Theme: Warrior, Clothes: Gown/Suit, Mood: Pink

It is interesting when you sit down to start sketching an image and your mind goes in a slightly different direction (but hey that’s the whole part of this ‘Lucky Dip’ exercise!) I liked the idea of a mirror and was first thinking about reflections and different sides of the mirror and how I could work that into a Warrior style theme. But then again when I thought about my own experiences I knew it wasn’t going to be a literal warrior or that style of look.

The Escape is having the strength to leave and to look towards a brighter future. Having the courage to pack your bags and strike out on your own. Looking for that other side where the grass is greener. Knowing it it hard but sometimes just takes that one step out of the dark into the light.

I had the amazing Sophie help me on the image but I must say I think we had the shot in the first few frames, even though I just said ” ok so it’s like your stepping off/ over a step and looking that way with a wistful, hopeful kind of look….. and go”! I was also pretty excited to find a dark foreboding image with a red door after the fact that I already knew I wanted to use my red suitcase, so I feel like it really brings the image together that that is where she’s running from.

My mirror is another Ikea score (I may actually buy this one haha) snapped away from different angles on my phone. It was probably the most time intensive editing for this image as it was on quite a dark grey background and had quite a few shadows that didn’t help cutting it out, so I really learnt a bit there with masking. And I think I changed the field background about 3 times. I finished the image and thought to myself this is great!! Then came back to it a couple days later and thought “hhhhmmmmm no, nope, crap.. somethings off” and realised it was the angle and the clouds. So onto finding another background that worked took probably another couple hours.

I am so happy with this image and I hope you enjoy! XX