This image actually doesn’t look anything like my original sketch or thought process. The categories I picked out were:

Location: Garden / Fire, Model: Male, Props: Chair, Theme: New Horizons, Clothes: Black, Mood: Orange

The Chair is somewhere I have been and a many people I know have been before. It being so stuck in your dark hole and you try and you struggle to get out; and there’s hopelessness, depression, not feeling worthy but sometimes you just need a little help to get towards the light.

I had an entirely different scenery proposed for this shot. Originally it was going to include a garden and a brick wall, with the garden being the New Horizon, that light at the end of the tunnel and my model was going to be on the dark side of the wall in a barren wasteland with fire or trying to be consumed by fire…….but I just couldn’t make it work. I couldn’t get the wall right, the angles right, the depth of field (did I want it an enclosed space or open?) I spent about 6-7hrs trying to make that concept work and finally I (chucked a minor tantrum and) tried something else.

I looked at my concept and my reasoning behind it and that’s where I changed it from trying to get from one side to the other, to being in that hole. Which really in those times you feel so low, that you may as well dig a hole and bury yourself. So I then started looking into a room, that was my hole in the ground and the light was just there above and just needed the help (chair) to get there. Once I had that in mind this image took about 2.5hrs to complete from start to finish. I knew exactly what I wanted once I’d started.

Chris was my model for this image and he was great, giving me different positions of hopelessness / defeat. I actually had no body swaps in this image so that was amazing as it made my job that little bit easier 🙂 If I think about the final image I think the only thing I need to check on, once I get my print check done is the fade of the defeated Chris’s. I want them to look like they are the previous passings of time.. so we’ll see how that goes.. might be another quick edit before final print production.

I really hope you enjoy this image XX