And I now get back to some of my ‘Lucky Dip’ images. The final image here had a few tweaks off of my original plan but it all came together. The categories that were picked out were:

Location: Room / Brick, Model: Teenager, Props: Flowers, Theme: Power, Clothes: Recyclable, Mood: Orange

Everyone has that Power Within. Believing you are stronger than you think you are. The inner strength to stand up for yourself and what you believe in and not letting anyone tear you down.

Straight away I knew I wanted Power to be the main subject here and the original thought process was an old brick room with vines and flowers, but that proved harder to find or to create. I found this background image and it actually suited the scene, once I had it in place I think the final image only took about 4 hours to finish.

I had the lovely Lexi join me on this image and the original plan was always to have a levitating person and the power coming out of her. I used gels for the first time (going to have to do it some more!) and with keeping with the orange mood, had that behind her to emphasise the final lighting. As usual I also swapped the clothes to white and had it very simple. And then just asked Lexi to jump!

I hope you enjoy this image of the Power Within xx