Never So Close is a bit more colourful in comparison to the other images in my series as the idea behind it required a little splash of playfulness. The categories pulled from my Lucky Dip were:

Location: City / Rocks, Model: Male & Female, Props: Flowers / Bubble, Theme: Love, Clothes: Crafted, Mood: Blue

Never So Close is never really knowing if that perfect person for you is right around the corner.. what if they are and we never know or meet? We live so much in our technology that even when we are shopping at out local shops we walk around with music in our ears or face in our phones. We live so much in our technology rather than being present in our surroundings. What would happen in you smiled to the guy across the produce stand, made small talk? You never know…We could be so close yet so far away.

When I started sketching this concept I liked the idea of bubbles and floating above a city, I ditched the rocks and flowers from the image as I couldn’t see them fitting in anywhere. The clothes I changed from crafted to bright/ colourful… also because crafted was way to time consuming for the timeline I had set myself to get all these images done. I would have loved to design and make 2 outfits but maybe next time. And the mood changed from blue to more purple, I didn’t want it to be a depressing image but a bit more wistful.

Kathy & Chris helped me out on this image and both were absolute legends! I had only played around twice before with levitation style images (a previous Halloween image and the Through The Rabbit Hole concept image) and it was a little more challenging as at the time of shooting I didn’t know who was going to be facing down or up. So I shot both Kathy & Chris in both angles (poor Kathy getting a little bruising from my chair so I know I need more padding next time 😉 sorry!! ).

Editing on this one was much easier than I was expecting, there were a couple feet swaps but the most challenging was finding a city skyline. For about 3 weeks I was trying to find time and a location to shoot the skyline here in Brisbane but couldn’t seem to find exactly what I envisioned so I spent many nights scoping out Adobe Stock for the right building level to sky ratio. I am not 100% with the city end product but out of hundreds of photos this one came the closest.

I hope you enjoy Never So Close XX