This is an image that means a lot to me . The categories that were drawn out were:

Location: Forest, Model: 2x Female, Props: Flowers / Lamp, Theme: Love, Clothes: Old, Mood: Bright

The first thing I thought about was the models, who were they going to be and how are they going to be interacting…

Missing Link is the maternal instinct. The love for your children and never wanting to let them go. And/ or that need/ want for children.

I changed up pretty much everything from the categories. I wanted to centralise the main subjects and the whole point of my concept, the Mother & Child. I asked Alex & Cass to join me for this image and it was beautiful, we had the shot very quickly as Cass cuddled into mum and I think we just had to get her to stop smiling haha. I wanted to keep everything simple, so made the clothes plain white and underwear, as that sense of having your feelings stripped bare.

The rose is that symbol of love and I had been wanting to play around with paint brushes so used a brush that smudged and splattered the rose colours. Really want to learn and play more with brushes… so we’ll see what comes out in the near future.

I hope you love this image as much as I do xx