This concept was another that was not a pull from the ‘Lucky Dip’ but an idea I had gotten after a recent girls night out.

Lady in The Moon is when you are just in the mood to dance the night away. There is nothing better when happy or sad to put your music in and get lost in the rhythm. Who cares what you look like, where you are dancing as long as its for you and it makes you feel happy.

When I was thinking of the style of the image all I could think of was Xanadu ( one of my fav’s from Olivia Newton-John) and that sort of mystical / fantasy style costume. I definitely wanted something out of this world and when previously working with Michaela, I’d seen her move and knew I wanted her as my muse.

I created the costume by my usual method, have something in mind and just twist and pin to the model on the spot 🙂 so this is 2 pieces of material, a belly chain, a silver metallic scarf thing and a few pins. I added whites & silvers to her makeup to try and giver that ethereal look without going too full on. I think the hardest part of this shoot was photographing the disco ball without getting the flash or studio reflections haha not an easy task.

This is one of my absolutely favourite images, because anyone that knows me know I love nothing more than dancing the night away!

I hope you enjoy XX