This concept was one of the first couple that were pulled from my ‘Lucky Dip’, I was just waiting to find the right models. The categories were:

Location: Cliff / Sand, Model: Male & Female, Props: Fairy Lights, Theme: Love, Clothes: Victorian, Mood: Purple

Edge of Love is being in that relationship or moment, thinking everything is perfect and amazing but sometimes you right on the edge of nothingness, where one wrong step and you lose everything you thought you had.

I asked along Lauren & Ben for this shoot as the most damn adorable couple I know (haha yes you guys are!) and it was a short notice, so we actually set up a background in their garage and did the shot in under 10min. I switched up the clothes, cause well I have no idea where I was thinking I was going to get Victorian style clothing on a tight budget and timeline??.. I was thinking about sticking with my white concept but this image was really about that feeling of being in love so I asked Lauren for a bright red dress and had Ben keep with the white style.

I had a sandy cliff in mind but after trying a few things and background skies that went out the window and just stuck with a standard cliff. Then switched up the Fairy lights to Rose Petals, again keeping with the concept of the image.

I hope you enjoy my 2nd last image of this series XX