A contemporary and fashion inspired photographer based out of Brisbane, who loves to take photos and create beautiful art.

My name is Naomi Rowlands.

Since I was a young, I’ve always been drawn to pictures, be they in magazines, books, photo albums or even on the walls of local businesses. There’s just something about the colors, shapes, faces and light coming together in perfect harmony that I find irrevocably fascinating.

I’ve always believed that the best photos are those that are hard to look away from. The kind that catch your eye and make you want to study every tiny pixel. And when you think you’ve seen it all, you have to look back just once more to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Those are the kinds of photos I strive to take every single day at Naomi Joy Photography.

I want to capture the beauty in you. Memories that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. 

I love every time I get the chance to work with Naomi. She comes up with great concepts and puts a lot of time and effort into researching looks/outfits etc. The overall outcome is exceptionally effective and professional. Couldn’t recommend her more

Jasmine Anderson
Hair Artist

I have worked with Naomi as her Hair & Makeup Artist on a few different occasions now, and I always leave the shoots with a smile on my face. She is very professional and organised, and has an excellent eye for detail. Her creativity, efficiency and easy going personality makes her a pleasure to work with and ensures high quality photos every single time. Highly recommended!

Anna Mathiassen
Makeup Artist

What a great experience it is to shoot with Naomi! She is professional, fun and produces sensational results! She is also a lovely person who makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera! A pleasure to work with!

Catherine Amber
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