This Saturday just gone I was introduced to a whole new world of what I’d like to call ‘speed photography’.

Our group photography organiser Rodney Cosser (Pic Me Photography) gave us 1 week to bring a model on board and come up with approx. 5 concepts to photograph with each of the 5 models. I made it to 3 concepts – Daisy Duke, Mental Asylum and Wild Runaway.

By the Wednesday night I was googling images and scanning Pinterest for images for my concept boards and teeing up my ideas with the models. By Friday I was frantically trying to come up with ways I could make a strait jacket for the asylum shoot (now it’s not actually that difficult if you are handy with a needle and thread.. or better yet have a sewing machine….of which I am or have neither haha). Calling around to costume shops and on a tight budget I found a costume shop on the north side of Brisbane that had a strait jacket for hire for $15… yes $15!! and I could return it in a few days so no need for me to rush Saturday afternoon back to the store to return (LOVE IT).

Now could I sleep the night before.. Of course not! My brain was going over all scenarios ‘Did I charge my camera?’ ‘Will my lighting be enough?’ ‘Have I got all my memory cards?’ ‘I’m still learning studio equipment…oh god oh god oh god…’  And then fell into a peaceful sleep at 3:30am ready for my alarm at 5am, great..

The day was perfect, warm weather, blue sky.. exactly what you could ask for a full day of shooting. I started out the day with the amazing Bec Cook (@cookstar04) for the Daisy Duke Concept. Bec was great to work with, giving me tips on prop placement and it’s value. Helping us out as stylist and lighting assistant was Bec’s makeup artist for this shoot, Melissa Taylor (@melissamimua). After we’d had fun in the sun, Bec changed things up and got into a designer dress and we headed to the pool to see what shots we could get there while I waited for my next model to finish with another photographer.

Group Shoot 30-7-16 (3)

Group Shoot 30-7-16 (1)












Following Bec, I tee’d up with the awesome Beth Sheather for the Mental Asylum Concept. Now this was a challenge for me as my camera wasn’t playing ball with the lighting set up but after a few tweaks (and help from Rod) we were on our way. Beth was on fire, ‘screaming’ and twisting like a crazy lady tied to a chair…. well in fact she was tied to it haha.  Beth was willing to try anything, even getting down on the cold concrete floor. We went with a Jekyll & Hyde style makeup which was done by the amazing Kyira Gardiner (Magic Makeup Artistry).

Group Shoot 30-7-16 (5)

Group Shoot 30-7-16 (9)









Patiently waiting while I smashed out photos with Beth was the adorable Jaymee-Lee Riseley, getting her hair and makeup done by Melissa. Jaymee-Lee came on board with me for the Wild Runaway Concept. These photos were just too easy, the shutter was just click click clicking away. Jaymee had such an innocence to her in these photos I just absolutely love them. I will be playing with a few of these to transport Jaymee to a mystical forest so stay tuned for that 🙂

Group Shoot 30-7-16 (4)

Group Shoot 30-7-16 (6)

Group Shoot 30-7-16 (7)











So basically I was go go go from about 9am til 2:30pm. I wish I had had more time to photograph the other 2 lovely models (Louisa Kelly & Siti McNally) and to work with our other makeup artist for the day (Tahlia Rogalevs) but unfortunately I had another engagement to go too.

It was crazy, amazing, educational and inspirational, the other photographers (Adam Chant, Bruno Domingues, Rodrigo De Diego, Rodney Cosser) were so helpful and it was such a positive environment to be in. I honestly can’t wait to do it all over again.

Now… to get back to going through all those pictures 🙂

Cheers XX